DIY Kit Videos

Fun and easy videos filled with ideas that you can replicate
to make beautifully decorated cookies!

These are all meant to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.  
NO need to watch!  
My only goals are for you to have fun and enjoy a sweet treat!!!


Big Flower, Pt 1

How to get started :)  Don't worry, its painless!


Big Flower, Pt 2

Alternating petals.  Don't forget you can alternate colors, too!  And sprinkles, always add sprinkles!!


General Techniques/Butterfly

A couple of fun and easy techniques to add to any of your cookies, as well as how to make a beautiful butterfly wing! 

(Butterfly wing demo starts at 1:30)

(Sorry for the 10 seconds where I repeat myself. Technology is escaping me..)


Small Flower or...(see next video!)

Similar to large flower.  Remember the sprinkles!


Sun !

I <3 this sun.