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My Story

Hello!!  My name is Suzanne Berry (hence the company name!) and I would like to welcome you to my world of cookies.  Here's a little background on me and my story...

Like every person, when the pandemic hit, my life changed.  I had to take a step back from my job as a Physical Therapist (Yes, I am still licensed and work on occasion!)  to care for my kids.  Although it was challenging, I loved every second.  It made me think about what I value and, thankfully, allowed me to chase my dreams.  Thats where Berry Good Baked Goods was born, my third baby!  I am very proud of my progress thus far and hope to continue my journey of creativity! 

In terms of my cookies, I like to keep it fun & pretty and emphasize flavor over flash.  Many customers love the look of my sugar cookies, but are also thrilled with the taste.  The arduous, detailed work of making the cookies was what got me hooked (I honestly LOVE it!), but I do realize they are cookies first.  I really am in love with the flavor of my all of my cookies and I am certain your taste buds will be happy when you take a bite!!! 

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